Our Team

Successful entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals with excellent analytical and leadership skills make up the HORUS GUARD team. Our executives will benefit from having a strong understanding of IT strategy, changes, and cybersecurity.

Our management team is responsible for overseeing digital product design, development, integration and company management daily.


Chief Executive Officer

Maksud HOSSAIN is a dedicated, ambitious, and enthusiastic individual with experience as Managing director, Business operations, Assistant engineering and Network engineering. He has a vast knowledge of managing business and operations while being responsible for managing the daily business operations, including overseeing all aspects of production, planning, process development and improvement. Excellent communication skills with extensive strategic planning capabilities. Strong analytical and technical background with an ability to work well with different teams. In 2020, he received an MBA.

Sayed Erfan Ali REZK

Chief Operating Officer

Sayed Erfan Ali REZK is an experienced professional who demonstrates a high level of motivation required to meet the desired results even under significant pressure and possesses a strong ability to perform effectively. His strong communication skills make him an inspirational leader who enjoys being part of a successful and productive team and challenging working environment. He has a decade of experience managing day-to-day business operations, liaising with the sales and marketing team and contractors, and handling customer complaints.

Premjith Nair Narikkodan Poovakkat

Chief Technical Officer

Premjith is an accomplished Senior IT Infrastructure and Security management professional offering over 25 years of demonstrated experience as a business enabler by introducing emerging technologies to promote organizational growth. Proven experience in leading infrastructure and cyber security architecture, governance, risk and compliance, and IT transformations. He can quickly adapt to a rapidly changing environment and offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and completed a Postgraduate program in AI-ML.

Suresh KUMAR

Chief Information Officer

Suresh KUMAR is an effective and confident communicator who is also a self-starter with the dedication and motivation required to succeed in business analytics. He is knowledgeable about port technology and procedures and has a proven track record of supporting engineering departments and senior managers. He gained valuable experience in the technical department globally. This is involved in maintaining more than 5000 strategic equipment. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (BBM).

Ghada Tamim Nouri KHATTAB

Business Development Director

Ghada graduated in 2004 with Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Business Administration. She brought her communication skills to perfection while working at high school, where she was responsible for planning, managing, and organizing events, maintaining a positive flow of communication between departments. Ghada has a proven record of establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.
She is a highly creative individual who loves challenges and is ready to become a valuable asset to the team.