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HORUS GUARD Network Inc. Provides Industry-Leading Custom Database Software

Nov. 22, 2022 – PRLog — Small business owners in Canada are apprehensive about creating a database for their company since it is perceived to be costly. As a result, they cannot undertake company activity analysis or obtain the relevant data when they urgently need it. Furthermore, there are few options on the market for small businesses to integrate database technologies into the company’s workflow.

HORUS GUARD Network Inc. Custom-Designed App Will Help to Improve Small Business Operations

June 30, 2023 – PRLog — In today’s data-rich world, businesses still grapple with outdated and incomplete databases, hindering their efficiency and growth. However, HORUS GUARD custom-designed App can become a game-changing solution. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses or organizations, the HORUS GUARD allows businesses to operate with newfound efficiency. 

Revolutionizing Small Business Management: Introducing the HORUS GUARD Network Inc. Database Web App

April 11, 2024 – PRLog — With a rapidly growing global database market and small businesses comprising a significant majority in Canada, HORUS GUARD Network Inc. solves entrepreneurs’ challenges with a cutting-edge solution. The worldwide database management market was worth about $63.50 billion in 2022. It’s expected to reach about $152.36 billion by 2030, growing about 11.56% annually from 2023 to 2030.